Best New Albums Since 2010


This can be an extremely difficult process to accumulate years of music and bottle them into a handful of records. So the criteria for our list will consist of a few factors including but not limited to;

1> The ability to enjoy the record all the way through.

2> The unique and/or innovative style and vibe of the Album.

3> The versatility and transitional ability of the artists.

4> The Artwork and overall theme of the album.

5> The transcendent sound that cannot necessarily be pin pointed into an era or time while still capturing the time.

6> The album must be a vinyl release and must be atleast an EP.


The Black Angels — Phosphene Dream

The Bundles — The Bundles

The Underground Youth — mademoiselle

Deerhunter — Halcyon Digest

Beach House — Teen Dream

Guantanamo Baywatch — Postcard from the tar pits

Wolf People — Steeple

Dead Ghosts — Dead Ghosts

The Growlers — Hot Tropics

Tijuana Panthers — Max Baker

Beach Fossils — Beach Fossils

The Brian Jonestown Massacre — Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

Dead Meadow — Three Kings

Ty Segall — Melted

Thee Oh Sees — Warm Slime

Adam Green — Musik for a Play

Girls — Broken Dreams Club EP

Best Coast — Crazy For You

Of Montreal — False Priest

Black Mountain — Wilderness Heart


Shannon and the Clams — Sleep Talk

The Black Angels — Phosgene Nightmare

Sudden Death of Stars — Getting up and Down

Beach Fossils — What a Pleasure

Thee Oh Sees — Carrion Crawler / The Dream EP

Tomorrows Tulips — Eternally Teenage

Thee Oh Sees — Castlemania

Crystal Stilts — In Love with Oblivion

Starfucker — Reptilians

Hunx and his Punks — Too Young to be in Love

Ty Segall — Goodbye Bread

Unknown Mortal Orchestra— Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The Curious Mystery— We Creeling

Girls — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Radio Moscow — The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz


Allah Las — Allah Las

Mac Demarco — 2

Mac Demarco — Rock and Roll Night Club EP

Alex G — Trick

The Shivas — Whiteout

The Sufis — The Sufis

Guantanamo Baywatch — Chest Crawl

Astro Coast — Surfer Blood

Adam Green and Binki Shapiro— Adam Green and Binki Shapiro

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard— 12 Bar Bruise

Beach House — Bloom

The Underground Youth— Delirium

La Luz — Damp Face EP

Father John Misty — Fear Fun

Dead Meadow — Peel Sessions

The Brian Jonestown Massacre— Aufheben

The Brian Jonestown Massacre— Pol Pot’s Pleasure Penthouse

Ty Segall — Twins

King Tuff — King Tuff

Dan Deacon — America

Radio Moscow — 3 + 3 Quarters

Of Montreal — Paralytic Stalks

Of Montreal— Daughter of Cloud


The Growlers — Hung at Heart

The Growlers— Not. Psych!

The Growlers— Guilded Pleasures

La Luz — It’s Alive

Habibi – Habibi

The Uncluded — Hokey Fright

Dead Ghosts — Can’t Get No

Shannon and the Clams — Dreams in the Rat House

Elvis Depressedly— Holo Pleasures

Froth — Patterns

The Warlocks — Skull Worship

Alex G — Rules

The Sufis – Inventions

Blackfeet Braves (Mystic Braves) — Blackfeet Braves

The Devil Makes Three — I’m A Stranger Here

Starfucker — Miracle Mile

Bleached — Ride Your Heart

Thee Oh Sees — Floating Coffin

The Black Angels— Indigo Meadow

Beach Fossils — Clash the Truth

The Underground Youth— The Perfect Enemy For God

Tomorrows Tulips — Experimental Jelly

Unknown Mortal Orchestra— II

Sulk — Graceless

Dead Meadow — Warble Womb

Wolf People — Fain

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Fill Your Lungs

Deerhunter — Monomania

Of Montreal — Lousy with Slyvianbriar

Of Montreal — Young Froth / Taypiss

Camera Obscura — Desire Lines

Hunx and His Punks — Street Punk

Tijuana Panthers — Semi Sweet

Ty Segall – Sleeper

Ty Segall – Gemini

Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir


Mac Demarco — Salad Days

Alex G — DSU

Mystic Braves — Desert Island

Sudden Death of Stars — All unrevealed Parts of the Unknown

Ty Segall — Manipulator

The Growlers — Chinese Fountain

The Shivas — You Know What to Do

Psychomagic — Psychomagic

Allah Las — Worship the Sun

Attic Abasement / Nod — Split LP

Hobocop — Half Man Half Cop

Tomorrows Tulips — When

Radio Moscow — Magical Dirt

The Brian Jonestown Massacre —


The Underground Youth — Sadovaya

King Tuff — Black Moon Spell

The Flaming Lips — With A Little Help From Our Fwends

Thee Oh Sees — Drop


Alex G — Beach Music

Shannon and the Clams — Gone by the Dawn

Triptides — Azur

The Smoking Trees — TST

Froth — Bleak

Dan Deacon — Glass Riffer

La Luz — Weirdo Shrine

Mild High Club — Timeline

Mac Demarco — Another One

The Underground Youth — Haunted

Dead Ghosts — Love and Death and All the Rest

Beach House — Depression Cherry

Beach House — Thank Your Lucky Stars

Elvis Depressedly — New Alhambra

Guantanamo Baywatch — Darling … It’s Too Late

Mystic Braves — Days of Yesteryears

Pope — Fiction

Deerhunter — Fading Frontier

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard— Paper Mache Baloon

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Quarters

Yo La Tengo — Stuff Like That There

The Brian Jonestown Massacre— Mini Album Thingy Wingy

The Oh Sees — Mutilator Defeated At Last

Ty Garrett Segall — Emotional Mugger

Of Montreal — Snare Lustrous doomings

Built To Spill — Untethered Moon


Allah Las — Calico Review

The Shivas — Better Off Dead

Sulk — No Illusions

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Nonagon Infinity

The Smoking Trees — The Archer and the Bull

Mild High Club — Skiptracing

Attic Abasement — Dream News

The Warlocks — Songs From the Pale Eclipse

Thee Oh Sees — A Weird Exits

Thee Oh Sees — An Odd Entrances

The Brian Jonestown Massacre — Third World Pyramid

Wolf People – Ruins

Bleached — Welcome the Worms

Elvis Depressedly — Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin’

Black Mountain — IV


Roya — Roya

The Black Angels — Death Song

Alex G — Rocket

Froth — Outside (Briefly)

Triptides — Afterglow

Starfucker — Vault vol. 1 + 2

Mac Demarco  — This Old Dog

Guantanamo Baywatch — Desert Center

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Flying Microtonal Banana

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard With Mild High Club — Sketches of Brunswick East

Beach Fossils — Somersault

Thee Oh Sees — Orc

The Underground Youth — What Kind of Dystopian Hell Hole is This?

The Underground Youth — Voltage

The Underground Youth — Morally Barren

Ty Segall — Ty Segall

Bleached — Can You Deal? EP

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