Best New Indie Albums of the Year 

PRIDS — Do I Look Like I’m in Love? 

The newest of many by the Portland local house band Prids is making waves and sparking up more interest and can quite easily be stated as their best album yet. Without a bad song on it and with tons of jams that you can and likely have seen if you go to shows often in Portland. Hints the reference to being Portland’s local house band; not house as in house music but house as in they’ve likely played in many of your house shows.

Prids will rock your socks off. Even in a great year for music it’s hard to keep the home town psych rock shoegaze from the tops of our list.

Jen Cloher — Jen Cloher (ST) 

Jen is partners in music and life with Courtney Barnett who plays with Kurt Vile at this time, on tour and in town @ the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with Jen Opening up for them.


I just saw Jen live @ Music Millennium for her in store performance and her sound was breathtakingly beautiful. She played some new songs off the Album like “Strong Woman” which she said was about her time as a 10 year old in Australia being “even more androgenous then now” as she put it. She would go play a game called Gallagher and told the high school boys that hung out there that her name was John so they wouldn’t poke fun and she did that for a year as John without these boys, and some girls, knowing her true given identity as Jen until her mother showed up one day at the arcade and outed her in front of everyone. Her high scores were all that remained of John until this song where she kept those emotions in a time capsule and opened up old wounds to heal and laugh now in hindsight of the hilarity of the situation.

Jen Cloher can easily be recognized as today’s Patti Smith, one of her personal heroes and the inspiration for her rekindling her love for Jim Morrison and the doors because of Smith’s excerpt in her book about seeing The Doors live before their break in a small venue in L.A. Jen even relinquished her personal childhood story of having Jim Morrison’s poster on her bedroom ceiling above her bed growing up and was in sheer love and fandom until a girl she wasn’t too fond of also like them which ruined the doors for her until Patti put out her book.

All and all its an amazingly smooth and relaxing album with sparks of punk influences and the ability to be enjoyed by lovers of many genres and lovers of music in general.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with Mild High Club — Sketches of Brunswick East

This album was a mind blowing collaboration between two amazingly unique bands. King Gizzard bringing their jazz and blues influences with their wide range of sound that encompasses almost any and all genres and therefore can blend very well with almost any other bands sound as they did here. Vinyl pre orders have been available for a little while, get ’em while you can because King Gizzard is known for selling out of pressings quicker than most even at higher price points than most. Definitely one to check out.



Alex G ( Sandy ) — Rocket 

Another amazing lofi surfy album from Alex G AKA as Sandy. Led by frontman Alex Giannascoli this band fucking jams while still holding a shoegaze lofi sound and sweet beautiful lyrics at times and songs that reminiscent of “Skinned” by Blind Melon like the song “Kute” specifically. An instant classic on another lp of theirs. They truly have a one if a kind sound that has since been adopted by a number of bands like Elvis Depressedly and others. Alex G has a funny way of singing through his teeth that gives him his unique and often dampened sound that is far from watered down. They even gave us a look at what they would sound like as a punk rock band with a track on Rocket that is much heavier then any previously done by them. Surely check out everything they ever release, it cannot dissapoint. Went and saw them at Holocene here in Portland last time they came and they put on an outstanding show. Got to sit and speak with Alex G before his set and Giannascoli was extremely chill and I think could tell we had brought our friend Molly along and maybe just felt left out. Not that Molly isnt a friendly sharing gal but she can be a real bitch sometimes when shes not around.


Roya — Roya 

An Outstanding new debut record from the new Burger Records hitmakers Roya. A harder more punk version of Habibi, very similar sound between the two bands. Very surfy with Middle Eastern influences and an overall garage rock sound. This debut LP has me begging for more hits like 1234 and Dr. Death. Mailman is another favorite of mine and I honestly couldnt name a bad song by them. Incredible first showing from a new band.

Starfucker — Vault Vol. 1 

This is a must have uncovered treasure box of little short songs that never became songs or were later used for inspiration into other songs that were released. I honestly am hard pressed to say its not theyre best trip album because every single song even if only a minute long is perfectly well done and lyrically incredible that these hadnt been released prior to 2017.

Starfucker being a local Portland band has made many waves in the psyche pop scene in years past and to this day are at the top of their game releasing LP’s without pause. Definitely a must have for any Starfucker fan. Vault Vol. 2 is wonderful also but falls short of aweing me as Vol. 1 has.


The Black Angels — Death Song

Death song is right on track for The death Angels to further solidy theure reign as this generations Black Sabbath alongside others like Black Mountain and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard they have revived the psychedelic metal/punk scene and given it an entirely new perspective.

This album is easily one of my favorites of the year. The only album i bought in a record store brand new this year. Ive been doing my discogs shopping more then most so I’m sure I’ve caught up in that regard but this album is quite amazing. The opening track “Currency” is a modern well of knowledge and insight into our societal constructs and solutions that in the end will and/or do enslave us to our own wealth and status, or lack there of. Plus its got some sick heavy guitar riffs throughout with anazing transitions and timing. I am stoked to go and see them October 21st @ the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. Just another great band from Austin, TX.


Just another amazing girl band to grace us with their presence. This one’s brand new coming in hot off Suicide Squeeze record label and is far from just another girl band. L.A. Witch oozes a different sort of fusion. Like a mix between the Black Angels and La Luz. An epic simultaneous smooth and rough sound that encompasses the beach rock vibe. Reeks LA in a good way. Feels like a throwback to the 80s or 90s yet there was never really a band on their level back then. Definitely going to follow their journey. Was one of the first to purchase their debut LP.



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