Surf’s Up in the Charts 

It is incredible how we can sway back and forth like waves when it comes to our music tastes. Surf rock in every variety is riding that wave back into the limelight and with good reason. Often the bands with the widest range from a mellow soft sound to high octane rythms and either pop, punk, psychedelic, and/or blues influences. With regards to the overall genre to place these bands in is next to impossible. The Growlers coined the term Beach Goth which has represented a fair amount of these bands in a general sense but even still it fails to envelope the delusion that a great band can be catagorized so easily unless it is their intent to dive into a pure form of a specific type of music. But when it comes to bands they can take turns as any group of friends can. They can lose sight of their intent and focus. They can seep into all sorts of insidious scenarios in which the band can no longer perform at its peak. And that to me is why its so beautiful to see a great show. To think how many things had to go right and how many people had to be a part of even a small show. I sat at the merch table as my friends band Ellis Pink opened for Gold Casio at Bunk Bar the other night and I realized more fully why musicians should have our utmost respect. They take our minds away from the madness and into another world entirely where you can let things be and let things go. A world where you dont mind being bumped into because you already bumped into someone else. A world where emotion is admired and everyone is inspired. The practice, the patience, the cadence, the sheer joy it plants and uproots. Music has its methods and yet the greats create the methods or the music cannot evolve. We should praise bands that take risks and not these cookie cutter white washed actors and dancers that make believe they are musicians. It all came to a head with the Monkees and burst into this mochary of money deciding what is good. These independent record labels like Burger and Lollipop and Suicide Squeeze and Hardly Art just to name a few are pumping out new great albums its hard to even keep up sometimes which is how it should be. I find a good new band almost every day. It’s amazing how great bands can slip through the rocks and then just roll into your life one day at the perfect time. Its a wonderful thing.

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