Thee oh seeing orc : Thee Oh Sees rage the Crystal Ballroom



We have been to many shows and yet in our travels missed many including seeing Thee Oh Sees. Some of you may be pondering the fact that I missed them at their heyday but I can honestly say that it was the single best set I’ve ever seen. Had me jumping on the Crystal Ballroom floor like a kid on a new trampoline. They played all their staples and yet they jammed them harder then I’ve ever heard. That said, our friends and fellow concert goers Andrew and Stephen were at the core of the pit that was begun by a gentleman in a biker vest who was originally standing behind me and proceeded by me and the entire crowd to the center where he began the mosh. Soon came crowd surfers galore including a guy who had to have accomplished a few dozen by the end of the concert while holding a journal and a pen. Including when he came from behind me and threw his arm around me and asked one simple question, “are you ready?” To which I replied, ” ready for what?” As he pointed his other hand up to the ceiling and let it droop over another guys shoulder he said, “to go up”. We then began his worst surf of the night which ended in a few kicks to the head for a few in front. But when in Rome… I suppose we were all Roman that night. You could feel the energy and pulse of the crowd go up and down as Thee Oh Sees were like puppet masters to the growingly sweaty and smoky pool of people. Like waves the crowd would sway to and fro and ended up on the stage almost a few times. No blood or broken bones to speak of but a rager in the truest sense of the word.

I have always said that more bands should have two drummers with kits to not only be able to create an echo affect when playing in unison but to be able to play off of each other’s rhythms. John Dwyer, the lead guitarist, vocalist, and now keyboardist was a spectacle in and of himself. With sweat and spit flying off him in every which way was a true testament to rock and roll and it’s legends like Thee Oh Sees.

Their newest album Orc is well named as Dwyer’s voice reminds me a bit of golem from the Lord of the Rings or Yoda as my fiance put it. Nonetheless it was an amazing show with openers Dream Decay that were kind enough to sign their tour poster for us. Another obscure band that is raising some eyebrows in punk and psych because they blend them so uniquely. With a wall of sound topped off by their screaming drummer. Not to often you see singer/drummers, hard enough to keep rhythm as it is.

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