L.A. Witch , Máscaras, Psychomagic, and Dopey’s Robe made for an amazing show @ Mississippi Studios

First and foremost L.A. Witch has been on my radar soon after inception and I gladly pre ordered their self titled Ltd white LP. I was stoked to see them back in town and @ one of my favorite venues. They played nearly the whole album and a song that has yet to be recorded, captured on video which is uploaded to our Facebook page. All three woman were incredible. I got to speak with all three and what nice ladies they truly are. As nice as they are talented with jams like kill my baby tonight and others they have cemented a unique sound that is memorizing in nature. Less feminine vocals then La Luz but as my buddy Stephen put it, “her voice is perfect for the sound”. I couldn’t help but sway back and forth like a pendulum with Rachel glued in front of me. These gals can JAM!

Máscaras is incredible and made me feel like I was watching a Woodstock era Santana while tuning into their lead guitarist Carlos. Papi, the drummer, who also drums for Savila, is, I think, one of the best drummers around today! He was on one or maybe even two that night and made sure the crowd felt the energy and is amazing at taking the beat up and down, and to and fro. The Bassist’s name escapes me, but not because of lack of talent. He brings it all together so Carlos can go off as he does. Definitely a must see local band.

Psychomagic is near and dear because I have seen them so much being local to town and due to their amazing unique style they capture my attention at a moments notice. The guitarist has superb control over sound and plays it like it’s his tango partner. The keyboardist is one of the best around town and deserves a lot of credit for their overall sound. The bassist and drummer help to solidify their wall of sound and at times are what let’s the other two go off as much as they do. Amazing beats and melodies. Incredibly funny and deep lyrics which, coming from a writer/poet is the ultimate compliment.

Dopey’s Robe was the surprise opener for me. First time seeing them in from Vancouver, BC. They are playing at Desert Daze this year with the rest of the bands on the bill as well. They came in heavy but not too hard with three guitarists including a slide guitarist that was a ball of energy, at times playing the maracas with a vengeance and picking up the slide and even playing it on his chest once or twice. The lead vocals were the perfect touch and the drummer kept a great rythym. Surely a band to keep your eye on.

Overall these are the $12 shows that should not be missed and that’s why we made this site.

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