The Swamp Boys , Gardener, Meat Creature, and Blank & the So & So’s Rage American Legion as if they were heading off to war


The Swamp Boys are a fucking jamming new local band from Ridgefield, Washington that makes me think Devil Makes Three and The Growlers had a baby that came out in the form of a punk band with amazing lead guitar and vocals as well as bass and drums. Played an awesome version of Casey Jones and other covers that are a testament to their range of abilities. Will definitely be a band to check out any chance you get.

Gardener headed by Anthony Gardener deserve much praise as well showcasing their more punk then psych personas. And yet this is no act. They brought aboard members of Fire Nuns and On Drugs and they raged the small lodge and had the entire crowd flying around like pin balls when you get a few free balls.

Meat Creature had an amazing set as well with a psych punk vibe and great riffs from not only the guitarist but the female bassist who brought a nice range of abilities and spunk.

Blank & the So and So’s opened the night with an interesting take on not being any one genre but every. With a guy and gal rapping to an amazing keyboardist and lead guitarist that couldn’t help but show their blues and funk influences and even punk and metal at times. The drummer capped it off with a salute from me to being able to keep up with the changes in pace as well as he did.
You can find the swamp boys ep for free on Bandcamp or just released on CD.

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