King Gizzard casts their spell on the Crystal Ballroom.

After a long day at work, I was looking forward to going to see King Gizzard. So I hurried up and finished up at work and headed home to change clothes. Alex and I jetted as fast as we could to downtown because we were already 30 minutes late (sadly). As soon as we got into the ballroom, a huge wave of people screaming, dancing, and jumping greeted us. We headed for the bar, grabbed a beer, and went up the balcony to get the best view we possibly could, being so late. Then the magic started. As soon as the music started, I could see why we were told multiple times not to miss this show. Lights danced in front of my eyes and the guitars heavily imploded the entire venue. People were going crazy and you could feel the vibratons of the spring dance floor even up on the balcony. It was amazing. Wish in hindsight we would’ve been down by the stage, seeing that half of the madness was down there. Much like Thee Oh Sees, King Gizzard can range their sound from close to metal to psych-jazz in a matter of seconds, giving you a break from heavily dancing. But we were there and that’s all that mattered at that point. I closed my eyes and was even getting closed eye visuals, much like the ones projecting on the stage, that danced around in the back of my eyelids like fireworks on the waterfront on the Fourth of July. It was bliss. It was magic. It was pure euphoria, it was mind blowing, and it was a show that never stopped. Stu Mackenzie brought his A game and was drenched in sweat which was apparent from even the balcony. With his abilities to shred the lead guitar and play flute as well as lead vocals on most songs he is a gem in the music industry not to overshadow the rest of the band because he’s nothing without them. The two drummers Eric Moore and Michael Cavanagh never stopped even when the rest of the band had to take breathers to keep the rhythm of the crowd at a constant pace of energy. Ambrose Kenny Smith on synths, vocals, and harmonica  helped aim the sails of the melodies so Cook Craig, Joey Walker, and Lucas Skinner could round out the most intense wall of sound I’ve ever heard live. And that’s not an easy statement to make. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard take the cake for unique concert experience. Will go see them anytime they’re in town!

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