Fire Nuns, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, and Pennymart gave glimpses of the future progression of rock

The Fire Nuns are a band that has been on our radar and our list but man do they put on a great show. To the extent that their lead vocalist and guitarist broke two strings and they still didn’t skip a beat with the rest of the gang jammin’ old classics in what would have been the down time. These guys have been through many transformations in their band and have had a lot of talent come and go but they certainly keep it fresh and interesting and keep your head and hips a rockin’. All around my age or younger, (27) and yet they have such presence on stage that I can see them going as far as their desires will allow. Will surely be seeing them again and again so check them out if you haven’t.

Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs came into town on their tour from Toronto where they’re from. This being their first visit to Portland and soon after their critically acclaimed 2nd LP release, and 1st on Burger Records. We got a chance to speak with Sam and the rest of the guys and they couldn’t be a nicer group. Even signed a poster and drank a beer with us. Can’t get chiller than that. These guys take the pop rock some, including me, tend to shy from and make it ever so enjoyable and fresh with 6 members including a keyboardist, bassist, drummer, and three guitarists. Coffey even played the double guitar at the same time with the guitarist who weilds it which was a show in and of itself and captured in an image above. Definitely check them out into the future as they said they loved Portland and will certainly be back.

Pennymart was the pleasant surprise of the night as I had only heard bits and pieces of a song but they were jammin the crowd as much or more than any of ’em. Little did we know their frontman is a regular at the place Rachel works so it was nice to also make that connection and bring the world a little closer. This is one thing I love about good music, just as much or more than the music, is the ability for it to have the power to bring many different types of folks together and have them all listen together. Very moving when a crowd comes together and is all on the same level. Makes you want to never leave, or at least always come back.

Thanks again to Bunk Bar and the bands for an amazing night and more to come. If you haven’t been there yet, the location on Water Ave. has an awesome mural and lighting and chill bartenders with good food and drinks.


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