Floating Room, Mini Blinds, & No Aloha; Was I Dreaming? Because it Was That Great!

So this made it 4 shows in the last 4 nights and yet I don’t think I’ve seen a better show of this kind ever. I love dreamy shoegaze pop/rock with an 80’s vibe because when it’s done well it can be as beautiful as can be. And these cats brought their A games and if that wasn’t their A games then I can’t wait to see more. No Aloha Started out with mellow harmony and guitar and keyboards with a back track covering the beat. They had the voices of angels and makes me wonder how some pop stars make it and kids like these fall through the cracks because it strays from being too hooky or hooky at all and was a great intro for the next band Mini Blinds.

I went outside to smoke a J with lead guitarist and all around nice guy Michael, from the Swamp Boys, who showed up and just in time because my levels of cohesive chemicals in my body were at an all time low. We headed away from the venue and chiefed just long enough to miss maybe one song which I regretted as soon as I walked in. You wanna talk a wall of sound, these guys and gal have it while still jammin’ their heart out. Running up and down the necks of those guitars like they were trying to start fires or waves in my mind. And boy did they with the lead singers beautifully unique voice and sound accompanied by their new drummer, this three piece is by far one of my favorites in town now and a band I will gladly see anytime they come out, fucking amazing!

As great as Mini Blinds were, it’s hard to top Floating Room. They bring two guitarists and a bassist to the stage with their drummer and not a single one can be called a weak link by any means. The bassist had me going with his passionate pursuit of fingering the pulse of the crowd. The lead guitarist is a mad man with a pedal box that looks like a 1950s era computer spilled it’s guts out on the stage. Yet he and the rest have the shoegaze sound down and the drummer comes into action at all the right moments cementing the rhythm and keeping the feet movin’. However it can be hard to not just sway back and forth like a pendulum during their performances because it’s so mesmerizing and mellow. They do have a tune they played that begins as an almost solo ballad on the part of the gal on vocals and guitar and enters into a full on feast of feedback, which was a definitive wake up call to say the least, just to seep right back into their dream like state of sound. Awesome performance with the lighting and even down to the glow of the gal in all white and the Bassist’s white socks and shoes, it was just perfect. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Check them all out on Facebook or bandcamp and at their next shows coming soon.

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