The Wild Body & Miss Rayon had me in awe at how great new bands can be!

This show was Free and I didn’t even realize that til the day of the show and was stoked to see both bands play together, and in Mississippi Studios, one of our favorite venues for a personal music experience. Once again the show was much emptier than it should have been even on a Tuesday, as it was. This was put on by Portland Mercury and Banana Stand Media who we appreciate dearly for doing so.

Miss Rayon was one that I had only heard the three songs they had on bandcamp previous to seeing them and for a brand new band they are as kick ass as they come. The drummer is great and the lead guitarist is also looping keys and has a great sound to his vocals similar to a less dark and melodic Joy Division. The bassist stole the show for us when she sang it was like butter and the knife you use to spread it simultaneously merging with her incredible baselines and masterful stage presence it’s a wonder how they are so new and unknown yet. But time will be on their side and we immediately added them to our honorable mentions on our list of best bands in town, to be revised at some point soon, where they will likely live towards the top. Amongst The Wild Body who is currently lower then they will soon end up at as well. Amazing that it reminded me of a much less bluesy White Stripes but maybe subconsciously because their frontman resembles a young Jack White a bit. They are a band that is hard to pin point with an outstanding jazz influenced drummer that never stops and another female bassist that will literally steal your heart out and make you want to dance all over it. Guitars couldn’t be more on point and perfect for the setting of the scene with jams that should rock the Portland post punk rock scene soon once people realize what we’ve got on our hands. Well named, The Wild Body will keep you movin’ to a rhythm you didn’t even know was there before and it almost makes you want to flap around like a fish out of water if it didn’t feel so right.

Hope to see you at the next one. Find them both on Facebook and bandcamp for more details.

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