Jen Cloher; Australia’s finest Singer/Songwriter graces us with her presence in Portland for the 1st time ever

Jen is partners in music and life with Courtney Barnett who plays with Kurt Vile at this time, on tour and in town @ the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with Jen Opening up for them.


I just saw Jen live @ Music Millennium for her in store performance and her sound was breathtakingly beautiful. She played some new songs off the Album like “Strong Woman” which she said was about her time as a 10 year old in Australia being “even more androgenous then now” as she put it. She would go play a game called Gallagher and told the high school boys that hung out there that her name was John so they wouldn’t poke fun and she did that for a year as John without these boys, and some girls, knowing her true given identity as Jen until her mother showed up one day at the arcade and outed her in front of everyone. Her high scores were all that remained of John until this song where she kept those emotions in a time capsule and opened up old wounds to heal and laugh now in hindsight of the hilarity of the situation.

Jen Cloher can easily be recognized as today’s Patti Smith, one of her personal heroes and the inspiration for her rekindling her love for Jim Morrison and the doors because of Smith’s excerpt in her book about seeing The Doors live before their break in a small venue in L.A. Jen even relinquished her personal childhood story of having Jim Morrison’s poster on her bedroom ceiling above her bed growing up and was in sheer love and fandom until a girl she wasn’t too fond of also like them which ruined the doors for her until Patti put out her book.

All and all its an amazingly smooth and relaxing album with sparks of punk influences and the ability to be enjoyed by lovers of many genres and lovers of music in general.

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