Dreckig: New Splice of Drummer God DNA W/ an Experimental New Direction


David “papi” Fimbres, notably in Máscaras, Boink, Savila, Friskies and both he and his wife Shana have been members of Orchestra Pacific Tropical since the beginning and  are bringing us a new sense of how liking only one genre of music will surely proceed you to miss out on so much amazing finds like Dreckig, (they’re new project). With a backbone of experimental electronica, dance, rock & roll and a jazzy flute Dreckig wonderfully infuses smooth and sensual lyrics that go from Spanish to English from song to song and it truly makes you wish you found this before your last Dia De Los Muertos party, (or any party) because they would turn the energy switch up and break the knob off so it never stops. also great tunes for relaxing or driving down the road by yourself on the way to work.

Papi is just about the most prolific drummer I’ve ever had the chance of meeting and seeing with multiple bands. He brings a sense of passion and sheer joy that is lacking at times with others, but never Papi. The life of the party and the face of the Portland music scene that almost everyone’s familiar with. He and Shana are as kind as they are talented and that makes them evermore personable and relatable.

Dreckig is now building up steam for their release party of their album Space In Time/ Time In Space@ Bunk Bar on NOV 3rd with Amenta Abioto & Brown Calculus which will fit right in to cement this as a great experimental dance trip session. They’re debut album Stars Like Dust is extremely unique and thought provoking and my favorite songs are the title track “Stars Like Dust” and the jam “Arrival En El Sol” but this is a play all the way through kind of album that reeks of percussion and the sounds you wish you could be hearing when lit at a show. Wish I could see them open for Reptaliens and STRFKR on New Years Eve but I think their Release Party will justifiably showcase they’re extreme range of talents and give us a glimpse of the new album.


The new album transcends the norms of the genres it tip toes around and this duo sounds like it can never be making all this sound, and yet, they most certainly are. I have a few favorites like the last two tracks “Icy Chandeliers” with its awesome flute throughout and “Psycho History” with its amazing beat. Favorites are hard to single out because, once again, it’s an album you can easily play all the way through before you’ve even realized it and not because it’s short. It’s just that chill and keeps your mind occupied without being overbearing like some electronic/dance music can be.

Please be sure to come out to support as Papi pours his heart into each band he’s in and will blow you away more and more every time you see him. Keep the rhythm brewing.


Dreckig is David “Papi” Fimbres & Shana “Azúcar” Lindbeck
Recorded & Produced by Johann Wagner at Pinewave Studio
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studio
Artwork by Dreckig; Art Direction by Aaron Robert Miller

Featured Photo by: Katie Summer

Portland, Oregon, USA

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