Mr. Elevator, Camera, & Bryson Cone Rocked The Liquor Store like a 60’s or 70’s Houseboat.


The Liquor Store is an amazing venue for a house show atmosphere. Extremely up close and personal is just how I like it and they certainly deliver every ounce of that. Rachel and I strolled in and were pleased to see that a fair amount of musicians in the music scene had arrived to bear witness to what would surely be a great show. Beyond that, Portland was a tad slacking on attendance, as there was tons of empty space even in The Liquor Store.

Bryson Cone opened with there inability to decide whether they’re psych rock, funk, or jazz and boy do I not want them to choose because they’re infusion of all three sounds incredible. Bryson Hansen, keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist brings a noise that makes you feel no pain. As Bob Marley sung famously; “…when the music hits you, you feel no pain…”. With the beautiful bass of Bambi from Reptaliens and a great drummer to keep rhythm you’d imagine they need no more accessories to this band until you here the duo of saxophonists that bring it all together with their vocals at times as well. Very jazzy, extremely funky, and yet I still felt like it was a heavy psychedelic experience to see them live, likely thanks to Bryson’s keys. They were a powerhouse of sound while still being as chill and relaxing as can be. But certainly made you want to get up and move your hips and feet and definitely a band we will keep our eye on for future revisions of our list of best bands in town. They will undoubtedly be movin’ on up and we’re glad they’re already on the East side.

Camera is an improv band from Berlin, Germany and never plays the same thing twice. Like mandalas of music they create it and then it’s gone. They have recorded albums, which are amazing, but they shy from regurgitating those albums onto stage, which I admire, as long as your stage presence and quality isnt subpar. Which it most certainly was above even their standard. With a great keyboardist for trance and psych rock,  a masterfully mellow guitarist that breached many spectrums, and an outstanding drummer; this three piece put out more sound then most and it didn’t hurt that they said fuck the stage and moved down to the floor just in time for the disco ball lighting to be turned on in full force and the remaining lights to be turned down or even off. It made for a memorable set that didn’t last long but blew my mind into pieces only to be picked up by the lights coming back on like in a movie theatre or dive bar when they’re trying to close.

Mr. Elevator was warmly welcomed back into a scene they fit into so well. Well named they are, to say the least, as they raise your emotions and energy like an elevator stopping on each level just for a peak like a curious child pushing all the right buttons. Great keys and synth with an amazing psych guitarist and a passionate, almost punk drummer, who brought a beautiful package of pure psychedelia. A must see next time if you missed it. They will return soon I’m sure.

This was the appetizer for Lose YR Mind Fest’s weekend of wonder that would not be overshadowed by many even though every scene in town had something going on. They always deliver us the best and we will always attend their shows as much as possible. Sadly we missed Twin Peaks, Wand, Chastity Belt, and others in the two day fest in the warehouse district but according to many friends it was spectacular and mind boggling. Wish we could’ve made it but hopefully all three venture back to town soon. We’ll be waiting.

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