The Tamed West, Nouveaxfaux, & Jane Machine made Rontoms Pray For Sessions Over Church Any Day of the Week, & Twice on Sunday


I arrived at Rontoms, the Burnside staple, which has been home of the Sunday sessions of a wide variety of great music for some time now. Always has the vibe of a house show if your living room was in a mansion with a fireplace front and center smack dab in the middle of the stage going up to the ceiling. With parallel 60’s leather loung couches and a few stadium seats available up front and tables and booths all around a tiny square dance floor that could maybe fit 10 or 20 comfortably it certainly reeks of retro while still being hip, that is until you acknowledge it at least. Very casual, very cool, chill bartenders and staff that make you feel right at home.


I came to see all three bands this night for the free session but had only seen The Tamed West live before. They are an excellent 3 piece that was absent of they’re original bassist Laura Hopkins but honestly sounded just as good or better then I’ve heard previously. They just a few days ago released their new single “Patterns” and played that at the show which was an amazing treat, nonetheless, showing they’re true colors as a surfy post punkish late 80’s style indie psych rock band if that doesn’t confuse you enough. The type of music you could fall asleep or dance all night too. Definitely check out their last self titled EP which is incredible. They will be a mainstay on our best bands in town list.


Jane Machine is from LA and is headed up north on their tour stopping in our backyard to give us a taste of their epic tunes. With excellent electro indie pop influences alongside dreamy psych guitars they create a wall of sound that will keep all your inhabitations and frustrations away. With a song half way through that Erica, the front woman who’s middle name is Jane, introduced to the audience as a song that’s about getting highhhghghghghghghgg…. Adding extreme echo and reverb effects to accentuate the statement. Although I was only smoking herb that night I had a few drinks and was by all means feeling it all the way. Especially when the lead guitarist broke out a bow likely meant for a cello and began to go to town on his strings like he was giving it a massage. Easily some of the smoothest sounding guitar because it blends so well when not being strummed but rather caressed with the horse hair bow to bend notes that normally wouldn’t be quite possible by hand. The drummer and guitarist could also play synth and the bass synth master could also play bass guitar. It was a complete team effort and a sight to see someone fill up that stage with gear.


Nouveauxfaux, the new local act, opened the night off in style with their incredibly unique sound blending British psych pop melodies with post punk/ pop vocals, beats, & bass. Great ambient guitar riffs that seem like they’re never going to end just to transfer into the next at the perfect time.

They made me feel like I just met up with a great old friend and partied all night in studio 54 if it were 1989 and then to wake up and realize that was all a dream but that feeling never leaves. It’s uplifting but relaxing. It’s catchy but not regurgitated or reused. They’re one of my new favorites on the lighter side of the musical spectrum, especially in town. If you missed it their next show will be at The Know on the 25th with Small Skies.


The Tamed West:

Joseph Amoroso- Vocals/Guitars
Laura Hopkins -Formally on bass (waiting to here from Joseph on the name of the new fill in who did great)
Robert Grubaugh- Drums

Jane Machine: 

Erica “Jane” Von Trapp – lead vocals, synth

Jules De Gasperis – drums, synth, backup vocals

Keveen baudouin – guitar, synth

Andrew Barbara – Bass guitar, Bass synth


Peter Rinko – lead guitar, synths, vocals

Brian Kramer – drums, backup vocals

Kelly Simmons – bass, synth, vocals

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