The Toads Fuse Blues & Pop Punk While Ronnie Carrier & The Day Terrors Lead You To Listen


As I entered the White Eagle Saloon I felt seeped in history even having conversations about its prior life as a brothel years ago equipped even with a “piss trough” at the foot of the bar which you’d rather not hear explained further. I came to see The Toads for the first time live because I keep missing them, sort of like everyone else. They are seemingly soaked in the music scene while not being a part of any one scene specifically. Like the Switzerland of bands.


The Toads are coming off their recent EP release of “Time” this summer and are a band that almost everyone can enjoy. They bred the bashfulness of blues with the energy of pop and the purity of punk. Lyrically packed with emotion and proverbially pulling you in to wonder where it will turn next while flowing all the way through. Jam packed with jams and although it isn’t as loud or rough as many they still show their extensions of their musical abilities in their own special way.


The Toads are a band that reeks of my childhood and just feel like nostalgia without sounding dated. A band that is often tougher than most to put your finger on. One thing that stays constant is their lack of colored clothes in their wardrobe_ always in all white shirts & pants. The Toads are a band multiple generations can enjoy. A band you can feel comfortable bringing your kid or your grandma too and still be able to pay attention and tune in.


Ronnie Carrier & The Day Terrors would cure your night terrors in a heartbeat. Full of juicy soulful lyrics that are rooted in indie pop but backed with jazzy drums and bass and a smooth but soulful lead guitar behind the rhythms of Carrier’s melodies. Definitely one I need to listen to more being my first time hearing or seeing them. Stoked to hear more, next time I’m out in the river or on top the mountain it’ll surely come to mind.


The Toads:

Matt Dinaro – Bass, vocals

Matt Kane – Guitar, vocals

Dylan Valentine – Drums, vocals


Ronnie Carrier – Singer/ songwriter , guitar

The Day Terrors:

Aaron Diamond – Bass

Rob Larkin – Lead Guitar , backup vocals

Ian Garner – Drums , percussion





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