The Stoney Moaners, Unwritten Pistols, & Slimpickens Epitomize Portland’s Grunge & Punk Scene

Although I don’t have any photos from this EP release house show, I do have the memories, so I thought I’d share, being that it was so memorable. This house show was interesting being that it felt like besides a couple of family members the crowd was full of people under 25 and maybe even under 21. Which was fine but I also went by myself because Rachel and friends were busy so at first felt a tad out of place. Soon I warmed up to the fact that I don’t give a fuck and raged it just as hard or harder then I intended.


Slimpickens opened with a stoner blues twist on pop punk that we all know and love.  With a great voice and lyrics to back it up, the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Tanner was a stand out star if it wasn’t for his outstanding band behind. Dan from The Stoney Moaners on drums and an excellent lead guitarist that has influences in the dead and psychedelic rock most certainly with his funky riffs and never ending, almost surf like sound and speed, it brought it all together without even the need for a bassist per say.


Unwritten Pistols are a dead ringer for the reincarnation of Nirvana and especially the guitarist/vocalist Zoe who can’t be much older then 18 but proceeded to ambush the show with an onslaught of amazing riffs reminiscent of Sound Garden as well with help of the incredibly outgoing personality of the bassist who just missed my face and nuts by inches with the neck of his bass when thrusting it to and fro.

Let the mosh begin as it very well should, naturally out of nowhere, and that was most certainly the case that night. I was wearing far too many layers prepared for the cold but not the sauna like living room we basked in. As the last song winded down I could see the look in Zoe’s eyes as his amazingly talented 16 year old drummer hopped out of his seat I knew where Zoe was heading but still couldn’t believe he did it; Supermanning himself into the drum kit like a belly flop into a pool at a party. To then proceed to let the guitars feedback run wild as he scrambled across the heap of instruments to set his guitar down right as the drummer came back in action and matched his last hooray.


The Stoney Moaners were spectacular and soon will need no introduction as they’re so unique and so determined to put on an amazing show. Taylor, the lead vocalist and guitarist, even crowd surfed herself after I promptly picked up a different Tanner who lived in the house to surf him around the crowd. For a house show with not too many people this was insanely raging and 4 or 5 people ended up crowd surfin’ like a domino effect after Tanner and Taylor had their fun. They sounded even better live in many ways then their EP release but that’s saying something because I can’t stop listening to it. Their next scheduled show is January, 19th @ Blackwater on Broadway.

Thanks again to the bands and the owners of the house, Sage and Tanner among others.

The Stoney Moaners:

Taylor Watt: Vox and Guitar
Luke Coverdale: Bass
Dan Sacks: Drums

Unwritten Pistols:
Zoe Tricoche: Guitar/Vocals
Curtis Burckel: Bass
Jace Viets: Drums


Tanner Padbury: Guitars and Vocals
Connor Vietzke: Lead Guitar
Dan Sacks: Drums

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