Come To Our First Of Many Free Shows Ever Put On



We here at Lysergic Sound Department have made it our mission to put on free shows indefinitely at our new home base the Growler’s Taproom on Hawthorne.  Our first intent is to provide Portland with quality music for free so that even the out crowd can eventually be versed in wonderfully beautiful local music in a safe chill space.

Our other goal is to showcase these (and other) bands to the masses to help support their dreams and further their musical explorations and abilities by exuding the emotions that we feel when entranced by such wonder and joy in the form of first hand account articles. We won’t be sitting in the corner like journalists or hopping around with a $5,000 camera glued to our face but we will be on another level of lucidity and liquidity.

From crowd surfing The Black Angels to raging house shows and after party tales that seem to good to be true, but believe me when I say, it’s better than just truth, it’s as real as you could ever imagine and you’re invited every time. Because what’s the sense in having this much fun all by your lonesome when you can gather people from all around and break down the borders that barricade our minds from expanding into the realm of infinite possibilities and never ending happiness.

We do not focus on any one genre or even aim to ultimately use generalizing bands as our only avenue of explanation. We love good music and we plan to share our love extensively with expressive language and an honest, positive approach to what most would call a critic.

Our first show will be our psychedelic bill Time Capsule Trips, packed full with local talent and oozing surf, blues, jazz, and nostalgic 60’s rock and roll.

Lousy Bends will blow your expectations away even after hearing they are the closest thing I’ve ever heard to early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd.

The Swamp Boys will blend psych surf with traditional blues, country, and rock & roll and make you think The Growler’s teamed up with Eric Clapton and Devil Makes Three.

New World Aviation Committee will bring the jazzy blues jam band feel to start the party off right. Come Friday to digest your Thanksgiving dinners with some food for thought and music that can’t help but fill you up.

Our second show will be our psych garage punk rock bill standing tall on the mountain of mayhem while still keeping you in steady motion. You’ll find a necessity to dance but an ability to mosh until your heart’s content.

Pennymart will kick your ass while dancing with you in their high energy pop punk that is unmistakably jammin from start to finish. A great way to segway into the next too local favorites.

Kulululu will be without there jazz horn section so we will get an opportunity to hear their true punk sound pour through the amps like whiskey into a tall glass just for it to be smashed under your dancing feet. Who’s ready to drink?

Black Fruit has the green light for an extended set which will last as long as they want into the night. They are easily one of our new favorites in town and do not have one song that isn’t jammin all the way through. This entire show is going to be loose but tight and artsy but fartsy but more importantly the best show of the night. Come see the present and future of Portland music jam right in yours and their backyard.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    Any chance you could find any more all-ages shows?


    1. Yes we are putting on one that is all ages til 9 pm on Jan 16th at the Growler’s Taproom 3343 SE Hawthorne


    2. There are also many all ages shows at the Tardis room as well as the analog.


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