Guantanamo Baywatch and Mean Jeans made Mississippi Studios mend the Music Scenes

When I saw that Guantanamo Baywatch was coming back from their nationwide tour Rachel and I were stoked because we had yet to get the chance to see them live since getting back into town off our long journies on the road. We have every record they’ve pressed and have them as our #3 best band in town, only after The Shivas and The Prids. You know that a band can rock when they set an amp ablaze during a sound check. But before I get into those emotional epilogues I’d love to preface it with a summary one of the funnest punk bands in Portland; Mean Jeans.


Knowing Punk at its core is meant to excite and breed emotion, Mean Jeans did every bit of that. We walked into the joint after a joint and a visit from our friend Molly and Mean Jeans didn’t take long to stir up the crowd with laughs by breaking out their numerous “punk product jingles” such as the short but sweet songs about hot pockets and Coors light. Introduced with the foreseeing of a relative of the owners hopefully one day seeing the tunes as if either company had good taste. But that’s beside the point. This local 3 piece can jam and is definitely being considered for a spot somewhere on our list of best in town. Will surely go to see them again in the future.

Back to the best named band, not only in town, but maybe ever. A testiment to their creative abilities and their don’t give a fuck chill personalities on and off stage.


Guantanamo has the throwback of doo wop and surf with the distortion and fresh taste of 2017. Chevelle Wiseman is one of our favorite, (if not favorite) Bassists around and has pure joy and effortless ability while on stage with a kick ass attitude and a rad sense of rock stardom. Awesome gal to meet as well. Very sweet beyond her sense that she was a long lost character in a Quentin Tarantino film that was never made.


Jason Powell, the guitarist frontman and Portland’s Kurt Cobain look alike, (especially when on stage) will blow you away with his perfect sense of how to keep a wave of rhythm while running alongside it simultaneously distorting the sounds to converge as they enter your eardrums at the perfect moment.


Speaking of drums, Christopher Scott is easily one of my favorite drummers around town, up there with Papi Fimbres and Kristin Leonard in skill and rhythm.


They always make it a great show and now partnered with Jordan Owens, their second guitarist, Guantanamo Baywatch brings you their newest, and possibly best LP yet, “Desert Center”. Their sound space is filled even more so now and don’t take your eyes or ears off these cats because they may as well be headed for the stars, not the litter box. Wonderful to be able to call them our own as they are good friends with almost all others in town I know they’ll always come back to put on a great show even long into the future. We can only hope their break is as short as our desire to hear more. In the meantime I’ll put on “Chest Crawl”, cause darling, it’s never too late.

Keep listening, keep dancing, keep coming out to support the best we have before we lose them to the rest of the world’s desires and stages. Happy to see them doing so well. Can’t wait for the next one.

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