Lousy Bends, Swamp Boys, & New World Aviation Committee Christened the Growler’s Taproom & Brought Us Back To the Future

The day after Thanksgiving is, they say, the slowest bar day of the year but we still packed in a few at the first ever event put on by L.S.D. We are proud to say we established a meaningful relationship with the owner of the Growler’s Taproom, Joe, due to his parallel passion for music and putting on amazing free shows as much as possible.


That said, New World Aviation Committee sound checked with “War Pigs” by none other than Black Sabbath and had even me wondering where these kids get their range as they primarily are a psychedelic blues band that even has heavy jazz influences, especially on drums.

They jammed their hearts out and had their been a full house that night it would’ve been the wiggle station. Bailey, on guitar, ended their set on his back curled up like he was having a baby or even as if he had just been rebirthed onto the stage. We love these kids and hope them all the best. We know they’ll play here again in the future as will the other two.


The Swamp Boys rendered the owner speechless except to say “their definitely swampy” while passing by me early in the set. These kids are all 21 and under and know how to play extremely well. With very skillful bluesy guitarmanship from Michael Ryan Phillips and a punk flavor on drums from Hunter Maxson this band can surely have a bright future ahead. Their bassist moved towns so they played with a new Bassist that had his stuff together for being so new to a band. Nick Bischoff, Their rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist/songwriter has the potential to be a household name if the ladies get ahold of this band as I havent heard much better music to dance to yet in my still young but full life. Just makes you want to grab your gal or your friends or even both. Makes you wanna feel good all the time, here’s to that!


Last but certainly not least was Lousy Bends, who had just played another set and got there right in time to transition this party into a full on psychedelic dreamland. My buddy Steven, who runs Motofoto in town, had to leave his bus-siness to come down and join us for the spectacle.


Prior to their set I introduced Brendon, the lead guitarist around to some people including my gal and our friend Molly who just needed to meet him. They became insepeperable as the night grew long and the set drew further down the road I could see her in his eyes and hear her in his riffs and voice. May just have to introduce her more often but there comes a time when she just doesn’t wanna party. This definitely wasn’t one of those times. We danced the night away and as I went upstairs for a smoke I got caught in a political conversation and missed the remaining couple songs. Leave it to politics to all but ruin yet another evening of 2017. Props to the rest of the band for an excellent set. One of the best keyboardists in town, hands down, an outstanding percussionist, and a metal inspired bassist who helps them sound more and more like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard every time I here them. Props to Michael Phillips for pointing that comparison out originally as we stood on the patio and smoked. They are almost like the perfect blend of early Floyd and new King Gizzard. So great.


All was well and we knew we had stumbled onto something big. This taproom had just been tapped and now it was time to blow some kegs and some minds.

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