Black Fruit, Kulululu, & Pennymart Left the Taproom Raw and Ready


This event we entitled “Punk the System” would grow to be just that. A scratch and a sniff away from a dream written down on notes beside a record player_ it became the eruption & second of many more shows to be put on by L.S.D. With or without we are always about bringing together like minds of the jammin’ kind to punk the prohibitionist mentalities of mankind because it’s empty and merits no meaning in the mosh pit of meaningful people that merely wish to free themselves of the world while diving right into it. That is what I wish everyone could experience.


Steven (Ray) & I left the NW Cannabis Club after thoroughly dabbling in the treasures of Rome. We walked our way to the Growler’s Taproom and arrived around 8 to a medium turnout that only got bigger and bigger and bigger. As the bands piled in and Pennymart began, the crowd was truly kicking and even had a mini mosh going at one point because of Pennymart grabbing and shaking up the crowd early and for a long time which was attested too in the photo Ramon taken of his guitar covered in blood not unlike what his predecessors before him have done a time or two.


Pennymart finished out with Ramon putting his bloody guitar down on stage in front of him drenched in sweat as most of us were. It was a perfect slice of passion and pure psychedelic garage punk_ extremely raw.


Kulululu went on next after a needed cigarette and beer break by the crowd. This being only three members of the current band they began in full Kulululu fashion by shouting “you are nothing” to a handful of onlookers amongst the crowd. Hinting at the fact that you are nothing when listening to Kulululu, but we are Kulululu. Which is the song they opened with along with other favorites they can sure switch from a jazz heavy experimental sound to being as punk as anyone around. Adapting their former bassist from amongst the crowd to play a few others just in time for my gal to show up.


Rachel showed up mid way through their set and was blown away at the mix of horns and punk. They officially moved up on our list of best bands in town along with Pennymart & Black Fruit, who came in ready to play two sets of 45 minutes to an hour a piece. As Kulululu finished of their set with their frontman Jeff down front & center in the fetal position as if to say they birthed happiness and enjoyment amongst the crowd_ and they sure did.



Black Fruit got an outstanding response to their sound right out the gate and carried the crowd back into the exact thing we all needed to end the night. The quintessential three piece psych garage punk band is one of my favorite hybrids of scenes and sounds and sends me into the ability to see this flower into a place that just feels right. Black Fruit and all three are always welcome back to jam the tap. It feels such like the goldilocks of settings and sound merging the house to the bar. Someone noted it feels like a true speakeasy that happens to be legal. A throwback to the days of personal experiences with the bands you love and the ones you didn’t know before but will now cherish and see grow.


Alexandre from Black Fruit ended their set as many have now on his back playing guitar, a testiment to the free beer for musicians from Joe @ Growler’s. The night capped off with a growler down the street and a farewell to past suckage of the music scene on Hawthorne, the street I grew up on. It’s about time.


Portland is pure at heart and we got to peel away some layers of the scene to uncover another stipe of a different type that still feels so nostalgic. Come feel the music and buy some alcohol to support the bands.

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