Best New Band of the Year in Portland

Although this once again may draw some heat and criticism Ritual Veil is my favorite new band of the year and deserves some more attention along with some of the other amazing new bands such as Darkswoon and Sweeping Exits among many others.

Ritual Veil is a new wave post punk synth Pop trio out of Portland, Oregon that will definitely stand the test of time as you cannot be sure if they’re from 1985 or 2085. The beauty is we have them here right now in Portland and I’ve been happy to see more response to their group. We had Ritual Veil in our first ever release of our article of best bands in town and they will only be more on our minds the longer they go.

“Wolf in The Night” is their debut EP, released Sep 7th, 2017, this EP is great all the way through. Tracks like the title track and “Favorite Toy” are reminiscent of The Smiths and New Order or Depeshe Mode but with a more electronic dance vibe. If you like music you can dance or chill out to, then you’ll love Ritual Veil. Check them out on their Bandcamp.

Player credits:

A. Alexander Wolfe

Wolfgang Williams

Tim Iserman


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