Tom Ghoulie: Portland’s Mac Demarco


The first time I saw Tom Ghoulie was opening at the Hydration House, the home of Tom Ghoulie. I was waiting to hear The Friskies and was blown away by Tom Ghoulie and the Volturz just as much or more. They had that basement packed and I barely squeezed into the back to find room on a couch with who I soon would know to be Brooke from Plastic Cactus. Saw Tom Ghoulie once more at a house show recently and was even more impressed.

Sam, the lead vocalist and guitarist, is a more beachy shoegaze version of the indie jangle pop of Mac Demarco. They released their first Demo album “Demos 4 U” Jan, 12th, 2016 and soon after in April of 2016 they released an amazing EP entitled “Magic Carpet” as well as two singles released in 2017, including “Full Sail Ahead” and another just a week ago on December, 9th entitled “Ghost Rider”_ both some of their best stuff they’ve released yet.

Check them out on their Bandcamp:

And at their next gig Jan 21st with Volturz, Skelevision, & Step Dad’s @ a house show near you 😉


Player Credits:

Samuel Carpenter: Vocals/ guitar

Rob Whitehead: guitar

John Wargo: Drums


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