Ellis Pink’s Farewell & Small Skies’ Emergence As One of the Best Psych Pop Bands in Town.


This show made me so sad to see Ellis Pink‘s last set ever that it has taken me over a month to write this article. I went to School with Connor Acott, the drummer, and knew Simon Muir-Filene through a friend dating back to early childhood. But I wanted to write it because this is hardly going to be the last you’ll here of either musician. Connor is an excellent drummer and will be surely sought out by many to fill a percussion need and Simon is one of the most talented keyboardists/vocalists I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live. He’s a sound genius with a composer mindset that oozes the love he has for dreamy pop melodies out of every note and syllable.


Ellis pink may be no longer but their last performance cemented their perfectionist personality. It is so clean and smooth it makes you wonder at times how they do it with just the two of them. After only their debut EP, which can still of course be found online, (as well as sourced on Google play and others) Ellis Pink is no longer a thing. The name derived from a nickname of Connor’s Grandfather and therefore likely won’t be utilized by either going forward but it was a great way to pay homage while it lasted.



As for the actual performances that mid November night, it was the first opportunity I’ve had to catch Small Skies live and certainly won’t be the last as they created an enormous wall of sound with Benjamin Tyler on percussion as well as synth and vocals, with no lack their of, they can soar from being overtly dancy pop/hip hop to dream psych pop in a matter of a moment. Eli Savage is hands down a synth master and should be looked to for inspiration to others as well with unique overlayed bursts of pure passion and the ability to bring it all together. Looking beyond these two you will find Danny Staton to be the perfect bass backbone needed to keep this pop train movin’ and groovin’.


They are a momento in many ways to 80’s and 90’s underground pop (funniest genre name ever) and yet a pure example of the pop of the future. Breeding hip hop with psychedelic dream pop and even forms of Drone, EDM, and even jazz as almost all music tends to result back to in ways all their own. Definitely a band I recommend if you’re in the mood to melt as you dance the night away. A surefire sensory overload in all the best of ways including an epic light and video projection from Forrest Grenfell that topped off the psychedelic experience and made for amazing visuals throughout the entirety of the set.


Ellis pink played an amazing farewell set as well with no hiccups and with an epic backdrop of Holocene‘s 3D wall and lighting. They will surely be missed by many and I will keep you posted on further projects of both Simon & Connor as they will surely not be out of the limelight for long.


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