Mobilities Release New Album To Mobilize Their West Coast Tour

I sat down with the two forming members of the band, (Brett Sparrey on bass and vocals and Eric McCauley on lead vocals and guitar) to discuss their Feb 21st Album release and their upcoming West Coast tour.

We asked some straight forward questions like who their musical influences locally and internationally are as well as specific questions capturing a more in depth look into certain lyrics and approaches to songs that are unique to them.

When listening to Mobilities the first bands that popped into my mind are the alternative rock mainstays Modest Mouse and Built To Spill who Brett and Eric both acknowledged great admiration and inspiration for/from. Both racing to get Isaac Brock’s name out as their main influence which was apparent to both Rachel and I early on. These guys love deep, soupy lyrics that make you question your life while making you appreciate an even further understanding of it.

When asked what Eric meant in the lyric of the Weezer goes metal song “Hypnotize” ; “relax, the king knows what he’s doing” Eric ensured what I had previously gathered as an explanation myself, ” It has to do with giving over power blindly. And I think once you’ve done that it’s a slippery slope…” In reference to our current and past political climates that tend to do just that.

I asked where the Album title originated and the meaning behind it and Brett pointed us to the track “Can’t Stand Still” which has the title line; “Time Hasn’t Swallowed Us Yet“. Brett went on to say that they had originally planned on keeping it as the title of the song but didn’t want a title track so they nabbed it for the album title because it’s too good to pass up.

Mobilities’ new album is bridging the gap between Alt Rock, Ska, Punk, metal, HipHop, Pop, & Folk with influences ranging from Modest Mouse and Mars Volta to Rage Against The Machine and Jimi Hendrix. This range is embodied in the song “Light Me Up” which unites a lot of these styles.

They’re now without the recording drummer Derrick Thomas who simply needed a break from the scene but his opening drums on this album will blow you away. Aside from that Mobilities are coming in hot and heading out on their 2018 West Coast tour this Spring with their other guitarist and keyboardist; Adam Durkee. 

Their list of favorite local bands includes but is not limited to: The Vedasay, The Hoons, Kulululu, & Foxy Lemon. All recommended by us as well and a testament to Mobilities abilities to stretch their sound across the barriers of genres to be enjoyed by all who listen not just by all who cook in the same kitchen.

Please feel free to check out their new LP on Bandcamp as well as Spotify and other music streaming apps. They will also be performing live at Kelly’s Olympian for their Album Release show with Childspeak and The Von Howlers, (two others we love that you should check out as well) Saturday, Feb, 24th at 8:30.

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They also have a show on March 8th @ Twilight Bar & Grill with Head The Hive and Mouthbreather @ 8 PM.

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