The Hot LZ’s LP Takes a Bite Out of the Heart of Punk Rock

THE HOT LZ’s 2016 LP is their leap into purest punk rock after a lower budget garage punk debut in 2013. Founded in 2011, THE HOT LZ’s are made up of Portlanders Mark Death on lead vocals and Guitar (of The Moneychangers) and Capt. Johnny Sensitive on lead vocals & bass (of The Moneychangers & Gun Party) as well as Matt “Wet” Waters on Guitar and Ethan Klickman on drums.

Their newest release “Agravate My Mind” was released through Hate Street Records and recorded at Cat Piss Studios, (both right here in Portland, OR) and is described by the members as “A soundtrack to your hangover’s hangover”. It has an interesting blend of two different singers and great bass lines with crude powerful guitar riffs and drums.

The LP has many heavy hitting lyrical punches to the face like “Moron Magnet” but also have some tracks like “Living in Rewind” that is reminicent of early 60’s guitar shredders like Chuck Berry.

If you’re in need of letting off some steam or just need an album to throw on to wake up in the morning this is an awesome availability that will have you doing the Mick Jagger duck face in no time, (sorry to the high school girls who thought they coined that).

Check out their new LP and pick up the vinyl for only $10 on Bandcamp.


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