Acid Mother’s Temple, Yoo doo Right, & Cambrian Explosion Turned Dante’s into a Sacred Den of Musical Mayhem


Knowing full well what Cambrian Explosion was going to bring to the live jive and vibe, Rachel and I were stoked for Acid Mothers Temple return to Portland Tuesday at Dante’s. Accompanied by upcoming doomy wall of sound band Yoo Doo Right from Quebec, the psychedelic Japanese fivesome of Acid Mothers Temple was only elevated to a higher level of imperfection to therein become perfection in its own sense. I feel like I went ten rounds with Pai Mei (kill bill) and 10 hours with Pamela Anderson as the mantras let you lose yourself in them just to snap out of it and be ever present and in motion only to slip back into the trance like state of sheer explosiveness of emotion and at most times irrelevant of languages outside of tone and rhythm. If and when words are implemented they are often used more as another instrument rather than a soap box. It is firm but flowing. It is doomy but feathery.


As Rachel perfectly put it last night, “it was like listening to sacred geometry” and I’d have to agree. It was even by my atheistic standards a monumentally spirited undertaking of mass amounts of skill and passion poured out off of a stage. And yes there was incident of people not enjoying dancing as always because of rouge elbows but as was the case here you can and should tell the people complaining that it likely was by accident and to move where they aren’t surrounded by people dancing. This is what needed to be done at one point when a guy got up in my friend’s face about an accidental elbow and proceeded to make a fuss about it until I told him clearly to move as there was plenty of undanced floor on that dancefloor that he could be. He simmered down but then proceeded to grab another gentleman by his collar and started to walk with him held. I instinctively separated the two, only 1 of which was the agressor, by prying my arms in between and creating space so that the gentleman merely attempting to walk away could. This idea that we can confront accidental bumpage with agressive and convert it to immediate violence is more barbaric then most moshing itself and needs to stop in Portland.


That said, holy shit these bands ruled. Beyond the drama, beyond the time or the place or even the people. This was an experience only matched by others just like it. You can’t get better masters of mood and makers of mayhem. Sure you can get more hardcore, more clean, more refined, or more popular. But you may never experience a better show than we experienced last night. Hands down one of the best I’ve seen. And as I told Ryne Freed, the light engineer for Cambrian Explosion, that was the best $15 show I’ve ever seen. And 90 percent, (or more) of the shows I go to are under $15.


As Rachel duly noted; Cambrian Explosion, if you are not aware, was a time period of intense creation which spurred me to the thought of how they not only came to the name but also what they view their music to represent as a whole. As all music should evoke emotion or at least motion, they seem to seek both in a dual onsalot of tribal proportions, and the other two bands don’t fall absent of this awareness either. As Acid Mothers Temple has stated, they’re attempt is to make the best trip music around and they very well may have done just that. There are many in the hunt for that title. But some would say they earned it last night.



I hope to see more of you out and about and feel free to come say hi as many of you have. We can always use the words of encouragement and criticism as anyone justifiably can. In closing I hope to see all of you at the Saturday show at Growler’s Taproom for a four band bill that will surely blow your minds as well.


Thanks again to You Doo Right for an amazing set and we got to sit and chat with the drummer for a bit. Very cool people that we hopefully will be seeing more of soon.

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