Onion the Man, Dubious Move, and Evan Knapp Unearthed the Atlantis Lounge at Mississippi Pizza


This was a great celebration of Dubious Move‘s EP release and they certainly came to jam. After seeing the tail end of singer songwriter Evan Knapp‘s mellow performance with his band I could tell the crowd was simmering and ready to hit the dance floor as was I.


Dubious Move is easily one of the better funky jazz jam bands in Portland. They bring a funky flavor with long Jams that give each piece of the puzzle a chance to take lead and it was a spectacle with non stop r&b riffs that we’re as smooth as butter. Great drums and the bass was spectacular along with switch hitting guitarists. Definetely a band to check out. You can get up and get down or chill out and melt to the likes of Dubious Move.


Onion the Man and I have been on a mission to get me to come see them and I always end up having something else come up until tonight and boy was I happy I came by. This all star cast of some of the nicest folks in music is headed by Ian Harris on Keys and vocals and Keenan Hansen on guitar and vocals as well. Along with an astoundingly well timed bassist, Miles Spurgeon and skillful jazz heavy drummer Logan Adam combo working to shake down some of the funkiest breaks around town. When Ian gets going on keys and vocals he has an Al green or Sly Stone vibe that is original and unique to him. He commands a stage and gives the rest of the band their due spots to let off the breaks and gas it on down to funky town. Poppy but not too poppy, with times that breach into the raging side of the spectrum. Beautiful transitions and singable lyrics. At times their jams even feel like straight up anthems that insist to be moshed to as many of us did. Rachel and I included.


Christina Osbourne, formely of King Black Acid, was in front raging as well and as the night came to a head and the encore was thankfully granted, we all were elated and I know I was the sweatiest but definitely not the only sweaty one. Loads of fun and definetely will be enjoying these bands in the future. Both of which we will be working with plenty as well as Miguel Hernandez of Dubious Move’s other band Adebisi, another to check out. Onion Fest, put on anually by Onion The Man in late July, is an event we will be helping with as well. Definetely one to check out.



Dubious Move Player Credit:

Outstanding bass: Mitchell Namashiro

Unmistakeably amazing drums: Lee Hauser V

Sensational guitar & vocals: Scotty Downs

Last, but certainly not least, on guitar: Miguel Hernandez

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