Robb’s Reality Reviews: Disenchanter!

Genre: Stoner Rock/Doom
Rating: 8.25 out of 10
Home Town: Portland, Oregon

Disenchanter is one of those rare finds, proving that when one bothers to sift through a genre, one can find the gems. Disenchanter is talented and demonstrates the same in many, many ways. The drummer is one of the best I’ve heard within this genre in quite a while, and to be honest the rest of this 3-piece, female fronted outfit isn’t far behind. Sabine Stangenberg is a treasure in her own right, playing a solid rhythm guitar while successfully fronting the band vocally. I’m not a fan of her lead guitar style, but that’s perhaps the only real technical critique I have of this band.

Joey DeMartini, the bass player has tight pocket chops, locking in well with the drummer while understanding how to hold down the bottom end. He manages to use fuzz and other various tones, adding dimension to a three piece band, which otherwise could come across as limited.

Conveying a strong Stoner Rock/Doom vibe, while still managing to maintain a separate identity is one of the hallmarks of this band. And to put it bluntly, Sabine has some serious pipes. This woman can sing. No one is the weak link in this band. They all bring something to the table. The combined effort of this unit is really what makes it work. You can feel their love of playing together once you settle back in and allow yourself to. In a genre now crowded with clones, Disenchanter manages to set itself apart in a very good way.

I give this band a very solid 8.25, only because of after perusing three albums worth of material I fear the band may run onto the rocky road of redundancy. Many of the compositions are outstanding, while others again risk the prospect of shadowing those same outstanding compositions. “Same-ness” can be a curse; a curse which most bands inevitably face once they have established a sound. Beyond all of this, Disenchanter still sets itself apart as an exceptional band. All in all, and again, I would give the band an 8.25, diminishing their overall rating if only for compositional overlap. This is another proud example of the ever thriving Portland Underground Music Scene. I can only hope Disenchanter continues on to evolve into what can only be termed as a potentially great band. They are really good, but they could be great with just a few imaginative applications.

Robb Benham – Independent Reviewer

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