Robb’s Reality Reviews: Hound The Wolves!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Hound The Wolves
Genre: Psyche Rock/Stoner Rock
Home Town: Portland, Oregon

Again, I have to preface this next review; Tim Burke, the lap steel player for Hound The Wolves is a personal friend of mine, who I have personally played in several bands with. That said, I would not say what I’m about to say if I did not mean it, personal bias aside.
Hound The Wolves is literally it’s own animal. It’s a band that stands out from it’s Portland contemporaries identified in a similar genre. In fact the band almost defies genre. The compositions are fresh, encapsulating musical motifs and abstract ideas while simultaneously managing to go out into that ethereal space which few bands bother to explore. The guitarist is spot-on and solid, managing not to be meandering and self-indulgent while conveying relevant musical concepts. The addition of the lap steel and subsequent instrumentation gives Hound The Wolves a distinct yet reminiscent tonal quality. The overall feel is almost a heavy folk vibe without the hipster pretensions. The compositions break down into very innovative, yet still emotionally driven sections, which is as potentially captivating as the very songs themselves.
I can’t pick a strongest track off of this EP. I found them all to be strong, however I will say at some point some of the compositions can run together. I would encourage diversity in musical exploration even beyond the frontiers achieved by this debut effort. The potential is all there, and it is a very strong first release. All in all, I would give Hound The Wolves a solid 8.5 out of 10 with plenty of room for growth. This is a band to watch.

Robb Benham Independent Reviewer

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