Robb’s Reality Reviews: The Quits!

The Quits
Genre: Old School Punk
Rating: 8 out of 10
Home Town: Portland, Oregon

I have to preface this review with context. I grew up and around the Portland Punk scene in the early to mid 80s at a time before the internet. A time when you had to hand bill fliers just to get anybody to come out to your shows. That said, the band The Quits is highly reminiscent of, if not actually embodying that overall sound of a highly rebellious and decades gone era. Tight, quick, intentionally simplistic and of course anti-authoritarian compositions that again smack back to an earlier time. The difference is The Quits have a much higher production value and I thought the guitar could have been mixed a bit to the forefront, but that’s more of a production issue than a flaw.

At a time when musical masturbation, via techno- metal and a like were the norm, such bands as Sweaty Nipples were the counter punch to a hyper-saturated industry. The Quits proudly carry that flag forward. The vocal style is very reminiscent of an early Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, while at times harkening back to the Ramones with a splash of Agnostic Front.

Personally, I found the vocals to be the only weak part of the overall picture, but to be fair I was never a huge Dead Kennedys fan. All in all, the vocals do match the musical style and are at least understandable in a literal sense. That in itself is a rare quality these days. I would call the strongest tracks on this EP, Fix, and Satyricon. Both tracks are quick, catchy and complete with lyrical content. A salute to a bygone era, without the Lamentations of the same, I would give The Quits an 8 out of 10 and a solid one at that.

Robb Benham; Independent Reviewer

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