L.S.D’s 420 Fest was Feckin Incredible

It was an amazing night with 5 bands on the bill that we’re a wide range but all gelled well. We started things off early and as Matt Hopper, who headlined the event said, “it was interesting to see the band with arguably the most energy coming from any one person go first when it was still light out”.


5 On the Hour was that band and they brought the heat with their own style and passion in busloads instead of baskets to open the night. Getting the regular Feckin crowd to migrate as their ears weren’t prepared for the conquest of their faces and feet. Great all around band.


Sweet N’ Juicy came in next all funky and fresh. Lyrically stunning and musically motionable. Amazing bass, keys, guitar, and drums. Stellar performance that begged for dancers. Oregon could use more of those for sure. I was carrying most of the load as I usually am. Working the door and dancing more than anyone would ever dream too. It’s the life. 😂😉😊


Part time Perfect followed with a kick ass set, mellow lead and killer high hat heavy drummer. Great bass as well. Would gel well with many genres and very technically crafted while being more raw than most.


When We Met has been one of my favorites lately. Such beautifully striking melodies and awesome cover song choices. This band needs no further introduction on this page but they are going on tour as I type and will be playing BuddyStock this summer after returning. Very experimental and indie but psychedelic post punk and shoegaze new wave pop at times. Very cool band. Amazing stage presence and timing with two folks creating massive walls of sound that are only penetrable by the love that it takes to create such awesome works.


Matt Hopper and (most of) the Roman Candles finished the 420 festivities off with a jammy songwriter psych bluesathon. With a constant smile Matt is like a conductor on stage and is one of the best songwriters around with a keen ability to play guitar. He and his band mates have numerous albums out to check out. Great road trip music or chillin by the fire at night. Speaking of fire, being that it was 420, Hopper’s amp lit on fire and began to smoke just about perfect timing for the end of the fest. A perfect sign off for the smoked out sessions.


We sat around, cleaned up and downed a bottle of whiskey, smoked some herb and ate some smoked turkey legs, life’s good.

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