King Black Acid; brought in The Fur Coats of Streetcar Conductors

As always Mississippi was packed and yet prepared to stand or sit through three great sets. Dancing is still allowed and in fact encouraged by most if not all good bands. That said, at least some people know how to groove and know good music when they hear it.


The night started off with Streetcar Conductors and music likely to be heard while riding one. Poppy but not pop. Punk but not punk. Indie but not indie. What are they? You tell me. They have the power pop inclination that seems to overuleo all else. Headed by one of the few vocalist drummers in town, Jonathan Moore, whosw got a surprising voice. Looking like a mix between Ricky Gervais and Elvis Costello he hardly reeks of pop star but he can sure work his magic on the drums and really every other instrument whilst vocalizing on most tracks. If he could he would likely be a one man band and when recording he pretty much is. In fact, if it weren’t for Carmen Charters, another talented multi instrumentalist, who plays keys, guitar, and sings, now in collaboration with Moore to bring more flavor and layers to the cake. And she brings a kazaxophone, so she’s easily cooler than most.


When performing live Moore has also obviously adapted two guitarists and a bassist. Matthew Dinaro from The Toads slaps the bass like it’s stolen his lunch money and Jimmy Ling is a pedal master and Michael Hollifield a great stand alone guitarist in his own right. It’s a good crew they’ve built, ready to spill on cue and well conducted by the need for Moore.


Next up was The Fur Coats, a bloody good time if I’ve ever heard one. Absurdly retro it baffles me to believe they’re making music in 2018 and not 1968 but I’m thrilled to have them in our era. A throwback to a soulful funky style of psychedelic garage pop rock akin to Funkadelic and the psychedelic eras of The Beatles and The Stones while bringing definite influences of soulful hitmakers like Marvin Gaye, Brian Eno, and Bowie three of my all time favorites.




Great saxophone and vocals by Betty Downey and Chris Karl. Wonderful keys by Anna Tyler and beautifully bouncy bass by Nathan Weber. Mathew Lynch on drums is clean and rythmically amazing and last but not least Jacob Early is never too early on his guitar, always right on time.


King Black Acid came through to not dissapoint my enormous expectations for their 7″ release event. Daniel John Riddle can quite easily be put on the top shelf of guitarists around today. He is playful but precise in his craft and carries with him years of experience on stage that is nothing if not apparent. He could be my parent but seemed joyfully youthful even in his towering pressence. He works his magic with every note and every riff being perfectly orchestrated while seemingly effortless to the king. He’s certainly not alone and adorns a new band to back him with each new year it seems. Keeping him and the music fresh and new each time.



Gabby Holt, singing while strumming on a plugged in accoustic, truly seemed to be having a blast on stage and when she started playing and singing “Superstar” by The Carpenters, I and others couldn’t help but sing along.

It couldn’t have gone much better and I’ll definitely be up for any shows they ever put on. Amazing stuff.


The Fur Coats:
Chris Karl : lead vox/sax
Betty Downey: sax/ lead vox
Anna Tyler: keys/vox
Jacob Early: guitar
Nathan Weber: bass/vox
Matthew Lynch: drums


King Black Acid:

Gabby Holt guitar , vox
Daniel Riddle guitar , vox
Bryan Owen guitar
Jonathan Moore keys
Jordan Ruback – Drums

Erik mimnaugh bass

Ryan Thomas – Keys

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