About L.S.D

This is a watering hole where bands and fans alike can come to see what is great, what is new, and what is overlooked. We find bands on a daily basis and often times are surprised at the sheer number of great bands out there at this time. We are centrally located in Portland, Oregon and some of you may be thinking that’s not quite centrally located but it is and has been an epicentre of amazingly unique music spanning all genres. Home to many young and old bands and a must stop for most musicians in this day and age. Portland has it’s pulse on the scene because it is the scene.

We aim to bring you a non stop list of upcoming shows and album releases that are note worthy to us and likely to you being that they rock! It is a new day, time to seize it by not missing the next awesome show. Welcome and feel free to let us know about your local bands and your favorites around the globe. Make music, not war.